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What Happens During Your Boudoir Experience: How to pose

July 16, 2018

I know what you’re thinking…

What am I even supposed to do during my boudoir session? I better start searching Pinterest so I know how to pose sexy.

Google: Bedroom eyes

Crap, she’s going to think I suck, I don’t know how to be sexy.


Listen to me. I pinky PROMISE you, that you are not going to have to know how to pose or be sexy or know how to do bedroom eyes. You are going to get direction from me the entire session, from the moment that Erin turns you over to me when hair and makeup is done, to the moment that you put your normal clothes back on.

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I am going to tell you what outfit to put on first, I’m going to tell you exactly how I want you to pose on the bed, how to get the perfect back arch, how to push your boobs out, how to relax your face, what to do with your fingers, and how to breathe. I will be there holding your hand, guiding you through this brand new experience every single step of the way. I’ll be showing you poses before you do them, I’ll be physically move your body and adjusting you until your pose is perfect, and I’ll be fixing messing up your hair and twisting all your straps until they’re the way I want them. And, I’ll be cheering you on letting your know that you’re doing exactly what I want you to do! Like, I’ll literally being yelling YESSSS girl!!!!

I’ve had my girls tell me “I need to come in here all the time, I love all the compliments, I never want to leave!”


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My clients have told me that their friends have asked them “was it weird acting sexy?” and they respond with, “I didn’t have to, I just listened to what she told me to do and I did it.” That’s all it is, following my directions and making tiny adjustments. After a couple minutes I watch these women start to make these adjustments on their own before I ask them to, they relax their mouth, they pull their shoulders back, and the push their booty out! You’ll find your groove and you’ll have a ton of fun!

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None of the women that walk into my studio are models, but I love that people think that they are because then I know that I’m doing my job right! It means that I took a woman who’s never done this before and helped her to feel and look confident as hell in what she is doing. It’s all part of the fun of having a session; getting glammed up, putting on gorgeous outfits, and playing model for a couple of hours.
Some of my favorite poses come during the “in between” moments, the moments where I am finished with a pose and I tell my clients to relax for a moment. She will get comfy and fall into a pose that feels natural to her and I LOVE it! We do a couple minor adjustments and just like that she has found her version of sexy, she wasn’t thinking about it or focusing on it. Those images are almost always my favorite from each session.

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The hardest part is saying yes to yourself and booking the session, after that though, I am with you through the whole thing! I know you’re think you don’t look like the other girls you see on my page, I know you’re worried that you’ll look awkward, I know it’s scary wondering if you’ll like your images. All of my clients leave feeling on top of the world, all of my clients have had a hard time narrowing down ALL of their favorites, and all of my clients are grateful for how specific I am about all the details that go into making their session unforgettable for them.

It’s a risk, it’s an investment, it’s a leap of faith, and you are so effing worth it. If you want to see what a typical session with me looks like head over here to view one of my actual client galleries!

When you are ready I will be here waiting! Contact me here.

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