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My goal is simple... to give you the safe space to be brave, open up, feel liberated, and find confidence. We design your boudoir experience to pamper you, remind you of your worth, and have you walking away fully transformed; seeing yourself with new eyes. I want to help you embrace who you are, right in this very moment and fall in love with it knowing you are fiiiiiiiine af!

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She made me feel so comfortable with myself, even though I was already super excited about taking these photos!

Crystal was amazing!

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I began this journey of empowering women four years ago when I nearly chickened out of taking my two kids to the mall so I could have some self-care shopping time. I survived that trip [barely] and a fire was lit inside me to help other women struggling to give themselves time for self-love.


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I love messy nachos, oversized fluffy white blankets in front of floor to ceiling hotel windows, and hazelnut anything. My jeans are always ripped and my nail polish is always chippy because I live the fly by the seat of my pants mom life.

After my son was born, I shared a post to my VIP facebook group that scared the fire out of me. I love that my job is to guide women to their path of self-love and confidence. It's not easy, and when I tell others what I do, they tend to cringe and say “Oh, that must be so hard! Women are so hard to please when it comes to their looks.”

It’s true, society has taught us to be critical of ourselves. We're bombarded with images of perfection and messages telling us to be better and do more. I show women how they can love themselves while they are in transition on their life journey. To do that, I put myself out there too– even the not so glamorous parts.

I'm a free spirit,

No plans kinda girl.

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Have you ever stared into the mirror, wishing to see something different?
If you're craving a boost of confidence, that's where I come in.
I am here, ready to help you get it.

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"Crystal was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable with myself, even though I was already super excited about taking these. She’s down to earth, fun and has this warm feeling to her; she was super helpful with picking out outfits and giving insight on questions I had on what to expect and what not/to wear. She’s amazingly If you’ve been thinking of booking a session with her, stop thinking about it– and just do it! You will not regret it."

You will not regret it!

"Crystal is amazing. She’s so bubbly and full of energy. She knows exactly how to calm your nerves, and gives you a big burst of confidence! I just love her and her positive and uplifting personality!"

big burst of confidence!

It gave me a

"I finally booked my session as a surprise wedding gift for my fiancé. I can't tell you enough how glad I am that I did! Erin made me look like a goddess, and Crystal made me feel like one! She is such a talented photographer, but it's her wonderfully fun and uplifting personality that made it one of the best experiences I've ever had. DO IT!!!!!"

I'd repeat in a heartbeat.

The experience was one

"If you are ever unsure about boudoir, GO TO CRYSTAL!!! She had me feeling more at ease with myself than I have ever felt. She is amazing. Energetic, empathetic, has great vision, really knows how to direct you to get the best shots. She made our session fun and sexy, cheering me on the whole way. I've never felt sexier or more confident."

or more confident.

I've never felt sexier

"It's such an amazing experience, and am so glad that I did it! I had spent a few years thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, but never felt like I had a reason to and thought I would feel 'silly' doing one. Not the case! The whole experience gives you such a high, and I never once felt uncomfortable or awkward--Crystal is the epitome of a girl's girl and did an awesome job, from the time I booked the session, to the moment I was holding the album in my hands!"

gives you such a high.

The whole experience

"After seeing Crystal’s Facebook posts about still making time for yourself and knowing your self-worth I knew I had to do this! From the pampering with Erin in the beginning of the session, to the actual photo shoot, it was all about me! And it was amazing! When I had my viewing the pictures were so much better than I could have ever imagined! It made me realize this momma still has it!!"

This momma still has it!

"Even though I'm just kind of your average skinny girl I still had insecurities about my own body. Obviously I was worried for no reason. Both Crystal and Erin were amazing to talk to and my Friday morning was amazing. These women are the best hype women you will ever need. You can tell they absolutely mean every word they say. I have fallen so in love with my body and the ways that it can bend and move in different ways."

with my body.

I have fallen in love


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