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At CRBoudoir my goal is to break down your walls, give you a safe space to open up, and show you all the beauty that you hold inside. We design your boudoir experience to inspire confidence, remind you of your worth, and have you walking away fully transformed, seeing yourself with new eyes. I want to help you embrace who you are, right in this very moment and fall in love with it.




I am a free-spirit, no plans kinda girl. I live in flare leg jeans, believe that cupcakes are a food group, and puppy snuggles are a legit form of therapy. Connecting with & helping women has become a passion of mine over the past 4 years. I know that inside each of you is a MAGNIFICENT goddess, underneath all the layers of daily life; wife, mom, boss, worker...
I'm here to bring her out and show her sexy off. 


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As women, we are constantly judging ourselves, and how we look. We constantly tell ourselves if I could only lose those few extra pounds, if only I were a little taller, if only I could hide this one thing.



I'm here to be your guide on your journey to self-love. I need you to see that what you have is amazing just the way it is! Confidence, self-love, and personality are what I help to bring out in all of the women that I photograph. That is what makes such a dramatic difference between what you see in your mirror and what you will see in your photos. Confidence is such a beautiful thing and it’s what we all need and crave. It’s my job to coach you and find the pieces within you that have been hidden away.

We all get so busy in our lives that we often forget to take care of ourselves. We are busy being moms, wives, working women, & lady bosses. Time for ourselves often takes the back burner. This experience is for YOU, it is an opportunity to pamper yourself, to allow yourself to relax and to remind yourself how beautiful and fun you truly are! You are perfect NOW.

“I did a shoot as a wedding gift for my now husband. We got married yesterday and he has told me so many times how much he loved it and what an awesome gift it was (I got him a book and a larger print)!! Crystal makes you feel so comfortable and confident during the session and I had a blast which I didn't expect! Her passion shines through in session and the products are very high quality. She is truly a gifted artist and photographer. I'm so happy I chose to do this as a gift for my husband and myself!”

"What an amazing experience!"


Any apprehension or self doubt I was feeling before the shoot was thrown out the window once I arrived and sat in the chair to get dolled up. Crystal answered all my questions ( many many MANY) before the shoot which was so helpful for a worrier like me! The shoot was fun, energetic and carefree and I left feeling like a rockstar! I couldn’t be more happy with the photos. My confidence has skyrocketed. Absolutely amazing experience!!

a freaking rockstar!"

"I left feeling like


Crystal is the perfect mix of enthusiasm, energy, excitement and professionalism. She allowed me to explore all her ideas and some of my own. She took the time to get to know me to help create a shoot that was a reflection of me, not just her. Ultimately my photos came out great and the whole experience was one I'd repeat in a heartbeat.

one I'd repeat in a heartbeat.

"The whole experience was


If you are ever unsure about boudoir, GO TO CRYSTAL!!! She had me feeling more at ease with myself than I have ever felt. She is amazing. Energetic, empathetic, has great vision, really knows how to direct you to get the best shots. She made our session fun and sexy, cheering me on the whole way. I've never felt sexier or more confident.

sexier or more confident."

"I've never felt 


After seeing Crystal’s Facebook posts about still making time for yourself and knowing your self-worth I knew I had to do this! From the pampering with Erin in the beginning of the session, to the actual photo shoot, it was all about me! And it was amazing! When I had my viewing the pictures were so much better than I could have ever imagined! It made me realize this momma still has it!!

this momma still has it!!"

"It made me realize


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