April 14, 2020

What Does A Boudoir Gallery Look Like?

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So you’ve been scrolling my website and my social media feeds and seeing so many different, amazing women in different poses and sets but you’re wondering “what would an actual boudoir gallery look like?” I get it, I’m totally curious about things like this too! So I’m creating this post just for YOU. I am showing you exactly what a gallery for one of my actual clients looked like.

I was lucky enough that this babe gave me a full image release so I am able to share all of her images with her permission. When it comes time for you session, if you’re worried about having your images shared please don’t stress, I don’t share any images that I have not been given permission to share. If you want to keep all of you images private you 100% can do that! Sharing is not required to have a session with me.

Let’s take a look at what one of my sessions typically looks like start to finish!

Are you wanting to book a session but have no idea what you would wear? Check out my tips for choosing outfits and my favorite places to shop by clicking here.

If you are ready to dive into your very own session after seeing this beauty you can use my contact form!


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