Trusting your Boudoir Photographer

March 24, 2023

When it comes to booking a boudoir session, one of the most vulnerable and intimate moments you may ever experience, it’s important to be able to trust them. My hope for you is that when you do consider your own boudoir experience you take time to research different one’s to find one that fits YOU!

I once had a client come in who desperately wanted to trust me. I could see that trust didn’t come easily for her and if I wanted to be able to give her the session her heart needed, I was going to have to navigate very carefully. Her composure felt as fragile as 200-year-old lace while we talked about her why.

“I want to reclaim the pieces of myself that have been stolen by everyone choosing my life for me”

So I got to work. I tread carefully with her until she could see that she was on solid ground, and I wasn’t going to leave her hanging from a ledge. I was in it with her, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand.

With each pose I watched her grow stronger and more sure. I watched her tight shoulders eventually release and drop out of her neck. And about 15 minutes into the session, with one shaky breath, I watched her jaw I watched her as she put all her eggs into my basket and finally surrender into what she didn’t know.

I still get goosebumps recalling that moment, a moment that I’ll cherish forever.

I know that envisioning yourself in this space, at your most vulnerable can make you feel like you’re about to burst into a cold sweat at the mere thought. I know that you’ve been made to feel like something like this is just out of reach for someone like you. I know that you’ve made that comfort zone the most cozy, familiar place to keep the peace in your mind.

I also know that deep down a part of you is SCREAMING to get out. I know that you’ve already come THIS far. And I know, I KNOW, that I won’t back-down in my pursuit to help you fly even if you’ve fallen before.

I know that asking for your trust in such a vulnerable moment is a big ask, but I wouldn’t ask If it wasn’t worth it. Take a peek at some of the beautiful women that I’ve had the honor of holding their trust. When you’re ready to get more info inquire about sessions here.

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