Afraid to Book a Boudoir Session?

March 23, 2023

Fear is a complex emotion.

On one hand, fear is designed for self-preservation. In order to survive we need to have a heathy sense of fear to keep us away from things that could destroy us. But on the other hand, fear can keep us from truly living. It can hold us in place, too afraid to chase our dreams and desires.

Through boudoir, I challenge women to push through their fears and worries to grow. I encourage women to step out of their comfort zones and see with their own eyes that they are wildly capable. Comfort zones are comfortable for a reason, you already know everything that’s going to happen there, it’s predictable. And nothing changes there either.

ALL, and I mean all, of my clients feel afraid at some point in regard to their boudoir experience. They might be afraid to simply book it. They might be afraid they’ll be awkward. They might be afraid what other people will think of them for doing the session. They might be afraid they’ll hate the photos, just like they always hate photos of themselves. It’s NORMAL to have fear.

I know imagining yourself in this space, vulnerable, can make you feel like you’re about to catch a case of anxiety sweats. I know that bully in your mind is screaming at you that you can’t possibly do this. I know you’ve got a million reasons listed out to why now is just not the time.

But you just need ONE reason to say no to fear, and yes to living.

So tell me love, what’s your one reason? Drop a comment and tell me. Then if you’re feeling brave today go ahead and fill out my inquiry form to get more info on what YOUR boudoir session could look like! If you’d like to hear from my real clients a little more hop over here to see what they have to say!

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