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April 13, 2020

I haven’t been about to photograph a client in over a month and it makes me so sad. Without clients to photograph I have been taking a LOT of selfies. I selfie a lot anyway, I think it’s important to show myself love with an image that makes me feel good. With isolation and social distancing in effect, the selfies have gone to another level! I’m here to give you a couple tips to help you up your selfie game so you can feel bomb while social distancing too.


When I am feeling down about myself you can see it in my body language. I schlump, my head hangs, my shoulders sag; it’s not pretty. So, just like in my boudoir sessions — boobs up, chin up! Roll your shoulders back and down, push your chest forward. Stand tall! This lengthens your body and slims your midsection. Slim your neck by pulling those shoulders down to add length!


When is comes to my selfies, I love evening sun. The rays come through my bedroom starting around 3pm long and warm. They’re also harsh so I filter them through a textured white curtain, it’s thin so the light still comes through really well. This light helps to make my skin look so good and my eyes really bright, plus the sunshine just makes me feel really happy.


Sometimes I am just not feeling it at all, I’m bummed out or I’m grumpy and it shows in my photos. If that’s the case I force myself to smile, I think about things that have made me smile ear to ear in the past and keep those things in the front of my mind while I’m shooting. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself while you selfie, it will help to improve your mood and your photos will improve as a result. Smile till those cheeks hurt!


If you want to learn more about how I pose and take my sexy selfies head on over to my VIP FB Group to view my tutorial! You can also head over to my blog to learn more about me and what I’m doing with all my free time right now.

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