Leaving NYC courageous

Do it anyway…

September 10, 2019


Fear is a complex emotion. On one hand, fear is designed for self-preservation. In order to survive we would need to have a heathy sense of fear to keep up away from things that could destroy us. But on the other hand, fear can keep up from truly living. It can hold us in place, too afraid to chase our dreams and desires.

Through boudoir, I challenge women to push through their fears and worries in order to grow. I entice women to step out of their comfort zones and see with their own eyes that they are wildly capable.

Then, I took a look at myself, shooting in my cozy, familiar garage studio, capturing poses that I knew how to nail in light that I could predict. I was letting my fears rule. I was staying comfortable. I wasn’t pushing myself.

After that, I made a promise to myself to begin doing more things that scared me. A big opportunity came across my computer screen and I know that I just had to take it– A group of boudoir photographers were meeting in NYC to hang out, teach classes, connect, and photograph. So, I didn’t allow myself to think about it, I didn’t give my fear a chance to talk me out of it… I booked it.

Cue 2 months of internally freaking out because I was going to finally be meeting these amazing creatives and working alongside of them. The fear was engulfing my excitement slowly, day by day. The week of the event I was THISCLOSE to telling my husband we weren’t going. I cried so many times, I was anxious, I couldn’t focus, I just wanted to hide.

Then, all I could think about was my clients. All the women that have had the tremendous bravery to send me that first message, to admit that they wanted to do something just for themselves, to actually step foot in my studio. All of these women that pushed passed their fear because I asked them to, and come out the other side transformed. I knew I couldn’t let them down.

So, I packed my things, I grabbed the bravest mask I could find, and I went.

NYC was overwhelming, wonderful, terrifying, fast, wild, inspiring, and eye opening.

I met wonderful people who got me. I got to hug people who I’d become internet friends with for the last year. I got to challenge my photography and learn! I left feeling sad that I was leaving and excited to go home and apply this new inspiration. Now, I know that my fear was trying to keep me away from confidence, because fear can’t survive in a person who’s confident in their strength.

I am supercharged and ready to take on the next adventure, I know I can do it, I know I’ll be just fine. First NYC, next Vegas.


If you’re ready to lean into your fear and push your comfort zone with a boudoir session just submit a quick little inquiry form. You’re going to love the view at the top of the mountain!

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