CNY Curvy Boudoir Experience

Jaime’s Boudoir Experience

May 31, 2019

Jamie has been with me from the start, long before my boudoir days. She’s watch me learn and grow as a photographer and supported me the whole way. Having her as a client and as a friend makes me incredibly lucky.

What made you choose CRBoudoir for your boudoir experience?
Previous sessions – I know the photos are amazing and I’m 100% comfortable working with you. I
gravitate toward woman owned and woman operated business – especially if they’re small because we need
to be supporting each other and lifting each other up. I love your philosophy and I love your passion for
making every woman love themselves and feel completely comfortable in their own skin.

How did you feel before BOOKING your session? What fears did you have?
EXCITED! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous – not because I am uncomfortable with you or Erin
but just because I was stepping way outside of my comfort zone and exposing my deepest insecurities.

Did you feel comfortable during your session?
Absolutely, there are so many shots of me laughing and smiling and I’m so happy you captured those
genuine moments!

What was your favorite part about the experience and session?
These photos are amazing, I was completely in my element and I still can’t believe it’s me in them! I
loved the laughs we had and how carefree I felt once I just let go of those insecurities.

HMUA – Erin Dickan


If you’re ready to lean into your fear and push your comfort zone with a boudoir session just submit a quick little inquiry form. You’re going to love the view at the top of the mountain!

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