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7 Lies You Tell Yourself About Booking A Boudoir Session

February 13, 2019

You were probably sitting there scrolling along, trying to pass the time and give your mind a break from the zillion things on your to-do list. An image of a confident, beautiful woman graces its way across your screen and you pause on it for a moment. You think about how strong she looks and maybe you wonder about what her life looks like, how put together she must be. For a brief moment you consider what it might be like to be in her shoes, to be the beautiful woman in the image. Maybe you laugh the thought away, maybe you live in the fantasy, maybe you even click that contact button but then hit back before fully committing… Your mind is racing with all the reasons [ lies ] why you can’t do it right now —

I need to get in better shape to look good, no one wants to see this.

Boudoir is for all bodies – all shapes – and all sizes. One of my goals is to bust open the stereotype that you have to be a size 2 to wear sexy lingerie and be documented as the MF goddess that you are.

I’m not confident enough, I need to feel better about myself first.

This is a monster of a misconception. You do not have to feel confident and badass to book a session. If you do, that’s freaking great! Go on with your bad self, let’s document it! But, if you don’t feel confident, if you’re insecure, if you’re struggling with self-love then boudoir is right where you need to be. You leave with the confidence and knowing that you’re worthy, you don’t have to arrive with it.

I’m so not sexy, I’d look so awkward trying to look like them.

You are far more sexy than you can ever realize. Sexy is not limited to a Victoria’s Secret Angel strutting down a runway wearing 10ft diamond studded wings. Sexy is found in some of the quietest, simplest moments; brushing a stray hair out of your face, pulling your strap back up on your shoulder, curling up and relaxing. Sexy comes from real moments, real life. And, I’ll be posing your down to how you breathe, pulling the sexy right out of you!

I can’t afford to spend that money on myself, everyone else needs me first.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. You hear it so often because it’s true. I know you work your ass off taking care of everyone around you. I know that your wants and needs always end up on the back burner. I know that at the end of the day when you finally have time for you you choose sleep over self-care. Let yourself have this time, this special moment. You’ll be shocked to find how much clearer you see afterwards and how much it makes you a better mom/wife/boss…

I don’t have anything to wear and I can’t go shopping.

No one ever said that boudoir was a lingerie only sport. I know you’ve got a closet and drawers full of goodness – denim cutoffs, your favorite bralette, a fitted leather jacket, Halloween fishnets, uhh your birthday suit. Throw it all in a bag and we’ll make magic with it. Pretty soon those denim shorts that your cheeks hang out of will be your new favorite.

I can’t do it until I have someone to give the images to.. it’d be conceited if I did it just for myself.

Woah love, pump the breaks on this thought right now. Self-care does not make you self-ish. Read that 100 more times. This experience is for you, and you alone. When you’re in the studio, you are my only priority. My job is to help you refocus your thoughts from negative to positive, from dark to sunshine. The experience is where the change begins for you, the images are just the cherry on top of your beautiful cake!

My body has way too many flaws, the pictures will never look good.

I fully believe that there are no such things as flaws. A flaw implies that there is something wrong with you, and that’s just incorrect. You are not something that needs to be fixed and my goal is to help you finally see that. I don’t see you the way that you see you. When you look in the mirror you’re not getting the whole story and I live for the look on your face when you finally see it.


Still not convinced?? Head over and checkout the testimonials from women just like you who did hit that Contact me button – CLICK here

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