January 21, 2019

Boudoir is Fake

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“Boudoir is fake, it’s nothing but fantasy.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh at or punch the MAN that said this to me.

In the grand scheme of things my time with boudoir has been small, only 3 short years so far. But the impact has been intense and powerful. What began as a journey to take beautiful photos of women has grown and evolved into much more than my heart could have ever imagined. Each of the women that I have had the complete honor to work with has allowed me to briefly tag along on their journey with them. Each one has opened my eyes a little more, and made my love for this work a little bit bigger.

I have sat with so many women. All of them at different places in their life- coming from different places, going different places, pausing to sit with me and tell their story the best they can. Their stories have mountains and valleys. Some of them are narrated cheerfully in a sing song voice while others are more solemn and serious, each of them still very real.

I have relished with the joyful, the grateful and the free,

I have struggled with the neglected, the bruised, and the broken.

I have cheered through stories of triumph and ached through stories of loss.

I have laughed and cried with these women.

I have been angry and hurt with them.

I have watched terrified women battle the old voice in their head that tells them they’re not enough for this experience.

I have seen women peel back their own fears and doubts, let the unknown wash over them, and emerge from their old skin completely refreshed.

I have celebrated with women who finally walk with their eyes up and their shoulders back.

Each one of them leaves a little piece of themselves with me, and takes a little piece of myself with them. Their names are permanently written on my heart because of their might and strength.

There is nothing fake about that, and it certainly isn’t fantasy. It’s real. It’s heavy and meaningful. It’s life-changing and eye opening. Boudoir isn’t about dressing up and pretending you’re someone else for a little while. It’s about letting it all go, releasing your fears and your doubts, and learning your true strength so you can love yourself EXACTLY as you are.


I don’t know what your story is, but I know that it is yours and only yours. I believe that your story should be heard and respected. I believe that you should feel valued and worthy every day and walk away from anything that compromises your self-image and love. If that sounds like something you crave then come sit with me for a while. I’ve got welcome arms and listening ears just for you. CLICK HERE and let’s get to work love. If you loved reading this then jump over to my ladies only VIP group on facebook.

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