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My own Body Transition

December 20, 2018

After my son was born in September I took a photo and wrote a post to my VIP facebook group that scared the fire out of me. I have fallen in love with a job that I do not take lightly- guiding women to their path of self-love and confidence. This job is not easy, and when I tell others about what I do they tend to cringe and say “oh, that must be so hard! Women are so hard to please when it comes to their looks.”

It’s true, we are so critical of ourselves. And why is that…? Because society has taught us to be. We are bombarded with images of perfection and messages telling us to be better and do more. I want to show women how they can love themselves while they are in transition on their life journey. In order to do that I need to put myself out there too, even especially during the not so glamorous parts. This is what I shared with my group that really hit a chord with so many of the ladies, it’s a reminder that we all need sometimes.

I am in transition in so many ways—physically, mentally, emotionally… This is a time where a woman can easily become lost about who she is and where she is going.

I am rebuilding. For the past 9 months, this body that I call home has changed and then changed again. It’s a change that I am familiar with, I’ve done it before but that doesn’t make it any easier afterwards.

If I am not careful, it can be tough to find myself when I look in the mirror. At first glace it feels like there is a different person standing there—a person with different skin, extra lumps, and more squish. I turn toward the light, away from the light, I pull and poke… looking for me. Then I stop, and I dig a little deeper, I look beyond the surface… and I find her.

I am there as a quiet ear, ready to listen. I am there as a devoted friend, ready to drop it all and come running. I am there as a passionate warrior for women, ready to lift them up. I am there full of ambition and dreams.

I’m reminded that a mirror does not show the true me, a mirror is shallow while I am an ocean. I am reminded that this body is strong AND beautiful.

The scars show me that body has battled cancer and won, the stripes on my skin show that my body has grown and birthed 3 children in 3 different ways, the lumps show that my mama taught me how to make some of the cheesiest and soul warming macaroni and cheese around, and the new lines around my eyes show the years I’ve spent laughing until it hurt.

Mirrors are great for applying your mascara, but they don’t show you who you are or how you are beautiful and strong… They can only give you a one-dimensional version of yourself, and you are so much more complex than that love.

Next time you find yourself looking in a mirror trying to find yourself remember this… mirrors lie. They absolutely cannot show you how beautiful and amazing you truly are. If you want to see that for yourself, with your own eyes, come find me babe… I am happy to show you.


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