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20 Reasons to book a boudoir session

October 16, 2018

Reasons to book a boudoir session

So maybe you’re trying to get beyond your fear that you’ll look ridiculous in a bodysuit and come up with a solid reason WHY you should pull the trigger and book a boudoir session. Well, I’m about to throw a ton of them at you—

  1. You just went through a huge transformation internally or externally
  2. You want to see yourself the way people who love you do
  3. Your birthday is coming up and you want the perfect girl for yourself
  4. You want to celebrate an accomplishment
  5. You want some time to be pampered
  6. His birthday is coming up and you’re over buying him shirts and tools
  7. You’re getting married and you want to make him blush in front of his groomsmen
  8. You recently broke up or got a divorce and you want to reconnect with yourself
  9. Your anniversary is coming up and you want to win the best gift award
  10. Valentine’s day is coming up and you want to knock his socks off
  11. Valentine’s day aka Singles Awareness Day is coming up and you want to celebrate your damn self!
  12. You’ve got a closet full of sexy clothes and lingerie that you want to show off
  13. You want to start loving yourself but you’re not sure where to start
  14. Your kids have all moved on to college and you’re ready to have time for yourself again
  15. You’re a stay at home momma and you need to get glammed up and feel sexy again
  16. You’re a working momma and you need some time to unwind and be carefree
  17. You have started to feel comfortable in your own skin and you want to put the cherry on top of an amazing journey
  18. You just had a baby and you want to love your new body
  19. You have been so damn busy and you just need some time for you
  20. You want to know what confidence looks like on you!

I’m sure you could use a few of these as your excuse to finally jump out of your comfort zone but if not, let me know, I’ll think of more! If one of these fits you then you definitely need to head over to my contact page and begin the journey to your session!

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