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Waiting for a Hero

August 16, 2018

I hear it all the time…

When I lose 15 more lbs I’ll be able to find love
When I win the lotto I’m going to plan my dream vacation
When I land my dream job I’m going to be happy
When I get my boobs done I’ll finally be able to love my body

When I’m more confident I’m scheduling a boudoir session

I’m guilty of it myself. My big one was “when we finally buy our own house things will be better.” I was putting my happiness and gratitude off until my “hero” came and swept me off my feet. I had an amazing husband who told me I was gorgeous and loved me every day. I had a beautiful baby boy who healthy and happy. I had a roof over my head and food in my fridge. All of that and I was feeling like it wasn’t good enough. All of that and I was still looking at all out debt and bills thinking we would never be able to own a home of our own.

I thought my life couldn’t truly start until we were homeowners. I wouldn’t allow myself to feel happy and grateful because I felt behind. We ridicule ourselves and we beat ourselves up because we haven’t found the hero yet that’s going to save us and bring us our happy.

Do you know what happened after we finally bought our first house?

I started saying “if only all our debt was gone we could have an awesome family vacation,” “if only we had a camper and we could travel.”

I still wasn’t happy, I still was making my life’s worth be dependent on other things. I met my hero and it didn’t change my mindset the way I thought it would. It wasn’t until I started working on my self-love that I learned that I am responsible for my happiness. I learned that I needed to love and respect myself before trying to get anything that I wanted.

Gratitude was such a game changer for me. Every day I would take a moment and think about all of the things I already had to be grateful for. I would steal away for those quiet moment of reflection and it didn’t take long at all for my heart to fill up every day. The hero was me all along.

I want you to think about what hero’s you may be waiting on. What is it that you’re waiting for before you allow yourself to be happy? How could your life be different if you gave yourself the love and respect you’re waiting for first? What would your day look like if you allowed yourself to say yes to the things you really want?

Your worth, your value, your happiness does not depend on an outside source. You can wake up and choose yourself every day. After that, everything else falls into place on its own.

Learn more about how to love yourself better and attract the things you want without waiting for a hero!


Jump in babe, put yourself first and see what magic happens.

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