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Looking Fear in the Face

July 24, 2018

Denise first contacted me back in December. It’s not uncommon for ladies to contact me and get all the details and then take some time to process it all. Sending that first message is a big step for some, for others actually committing to themselves and picking a date on the calendar is the toughest. After our first contact I knew that she would come back around when she was ready, I could hear it in her voice. This session was so important to her, she needed this, she had put it off and put it off until she was finally ready to say “It’s my turn! It’s time for me.”

Fear has a way at creeping in at unexpected times and in unexpected ways. I loved the way Denise put her blinders on and charged through it to make sure she was taking care of herself! Life is always going to throw wrenches in your plans, there will always be things that try to trip you up, the important thing is what YOU choose to do in these situations. Will you turn around and go back when your paths starts to get rough? Or will you push through the weeds and the thorns to find the wide open beauty that you’ve been looking for?

Here are Denise’s thoughts about her experience

Before the Session

A few weeks before my shoot I was going through some things.  I was not in a great place emotionally and my confidence had taken a good hit. I almost canceled a few times, I couldn’t see going through with the session feeling the way that I was. I was already stupid nervous about it to begin with, and feeling a bit down on myself on top of the nerves was too much. But I had been so excited the day I finally went for it and booked that I fought the urge to cancel. I just kept telling myself all the way there on the day of my shoot “girlfriend, you deserve this!”  

I was a bit terrified as I walked up the driveway, I thought to myself  “OMG… what the hell am I doing?” Once I was inside however, I immediately relaxed. Crystal, Kristin and Erin were all wonderful and I felt at ease right away. Erin is amazing with makeup and hair, I was blown away when she gave me a mirror and I saw my face.  EYELASHES!!

During the Session

I can be a little on the modest side sometimes and as we began I expected to feel like Queen of the Awkward People, but Crystal is absolutely AMAZING with direction. She told me exactly what to do, I never had to guess. It took all of about 11 seconds before I was totally comfortable and I was having FUN!

Then the moment of truth happens.  First, I have to tell you that Crystal made a few comments about me as she was behind the camera that made me smile and giggle a little. It’s pretty awesome to have another woman compliment you, even if you are not quite sure she’s seeing you correctly, but then she SHOWS you.

The first time she turned that camera around and showed me what she was seeing on the other side of that lens something happened for me. I felt eager to continue, fiery even. I knew instantly I was going to go beyond the bodysuits I brought to wear, and put on one of the 2 piece outfits I brought “just in case” I felt brave. 

I did feel brave. I felt confident. I felt sexy. I felt impressed with myself. To give you an idea just how much, toward the end Crystal told me that if I wanted to and felt comfortable I could remove any of the articles of clothing for a couple pictures. Off they went! And some EXCELLENT shots came out of it.

After the Session

Viewing the pictures on Skype with Crystal was a riot. I thought I was going to choose a few and buy an album. WRONG.  I bought them all! LOL

I can’t express enough how beyond my expectations this experience was. I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my husband when I got married 10 years ago. I was younger and thinner then but didn’t go through with it. I am so happy that I did this NOW…. At 41…. FOR ME!!!! And it was absolutely for myself. It reminded me of little pieces of myself that I have stowed away or ignored or let go. Crystal showed me, ME! The me I avoided in the mirror.  The me I neglected.

And I can’t thank her enough. 

I’m quite fond of the mirror lately.  And most important I’m a pretty big fan of myself again.  All I needed was a reminder.

If you are even slightly, maybe, possibly considering booking a Boudoir shoot with Crystal, RUN! Don’t Walk!

You deserve it sister. You always have. Do it!

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