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The Boudoir Mind Block and How to Overcome it

June 1, 2018

The Mind Block That Keeps You from Doing Boudoir

I can’t do this

I don’t look like those girls

I don’t have enough confidence to do that

I could never do that

I wish I was brave enough

These are all things that women have said to me when they’ve seen my boudoir images. There is an underlying little monster hiding in each of those answers. That monster is fear. The biggest mind-block that I have seen in nearly every objection is the fear to step outside of you comfort zone.

It’s called a comfort zone for a reason, it feels good there; it’s warm, natural and safe. The problem is everything stays the same within that safe bubble, growth cannot happen within a comfort zone. If you want more, if you want better, if you want different, you HAVE to push yourself outside of your zone.

I tell women that you do not have to have confidence to book a boudoir session, it’s not a requirement. The one thing you need to have to book a boudoir session is a moment of bravery. Bravery is required to look your fear in the face and say I deserve MORE than this. Bravery is required to step outside of comfortable. Bravery is pushing fear out of the way and taking a leap into an incredible freefall of growth. It only takes one small moment of bravery.

I know that the thought of being vulnerable in front of someone you’ve just met scares the life out of you. I want to think about how you will feel walking out of your session feeling like a bombshell, feeling like you just looked fear in the face and saying I WON, feeling like you have found the person you thought you lost!

What would telling fear off do for you? What would happen if you finally believed your husband when he tells you that you’re gorgeous, because you have seen it with your own two eyes? How would being full of pride and confidence in yourself effect your parenting? What would it be like to walk in a dressing room and not be filled with DREAD over what you’re about to put on?

I’m here to tell you that every.single.woman that walks in my studio is worried about a part of themselves. When they walk out of my studio the last thing on their mind is their stretch marks or cellulite, or the number on their clothes. They are walking out of my studio thinking about how they still HAVE it! What would it mean to you to have all of that?

I can help you love. You just need to be brave enough to let me! The best way to overcome this fear is to lean into it. {But Crystal, I’m afraid!} I know that sounds kind of crazy but it’s the only way. You have to see your fear and decide to push on through it, do the thing you’re afraid to do, grow your comfort zone.

So are you ready to lean in and push through your mind block babe? You have to make the first move, you can reach out here. I’ll take it from there! And if you’re curious to see more be sure to join our VIP Group for all the latest updates. Click the image below.

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