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Ice Cream and Boudoir

May 11, 2018

Hey babe, I wanted to tell you a little story about two ice cream shops.

Uh, yes! I love ice cream, bring it on

In town there are two ice cream shops; Everyone Ice Cream and Experience Ice Cream.

Let’s talk about Everyone Ice Cream first. It’s a hot day and you are just needing something cold to get a little break from the heat. You arrive and you stand in line behind all the other people that are just trying to get a refresh like you. When you get to the window you order from the menu and pay $3.00, they plop your sweet treat into a regular cone and hand it over. You say thank you and walk away. Everyone ice cream keeps is simple, they get their ingredients in bulk, pre-made, and ready to go.

That sounds like my childhood summers.

You’ve heard a few amazing things about Experience Ice Cream but you’re not sure why, it’s just ice cream. You decide to check it out. When you walk into their store you’re greeted by the smell of waffles being made. You can see someone in the back whipping up the batter fresh and pouring it into the cooker. It steams a bit, they pull it out, and then roll it into a perfect waffle cone and set it aside to cool and harden. You’re greeted by a smiling face, they ask you if you’ve ever been there before, and tell you you’re in for a real treat.

I see what you did there… 😉

You don’t see any tubs of ice cream anywhere… You start with your cone, you can customize it with different chocolate dips, sprinkles, and toppings. When it comes to the ice cream, the man behind the counter brings up a bottle of liquid and pours it into a mixer. He tells you about how the cream gets delivered every single morning, fresh from a local farmer who raises his own cows. You watch as he adds in some flavoring and sugar. Then he tells you “watch, this is the fun part”, as he adds some liquid nitrogen to cool the cream rapidly. He’s literally making your ice cream fresh, right in front of you. He explains that rapidly cooling the cream causes it to freeze into smaller crystals, resulting in a creamier texture. Next, he pulls your freshly made perfect ice cream out of the mixer and put it onto a cold marble slab. You watch as he spreads and molds the ice cream and adds in the ingredients you want. Finally, he shapes it into a beautiful ice cream flower and places it into your fresh waffle cone and hands it over with a smile.

That sounds amaaaaazing.

I say all of that to tell you this. Both of these places get you ice cream. One of them gets the job done, and one of them gives you something unforgettable. With Everyone Ice Cream you’re getting a quick, easy fix. With Experience Ice Cream you’re getting years of knowledge, dedication, hard-work, and someone who truly cares that you love what you’re getting. He has searched for the perfect ingredients for his product from the fresh cream, the local, in-season berries, to exotic flavorings. He has spent years learning and educating himself on the perfect method to create the most divine texture to his ice cream. He takes a real interest in his customers and gets to know them so they’re more like friends that he can call by name.

Everyone ice cream sells ice cream to everyone, experience ice cream sells an unforgettable experience that leaves you feeling happier, with ice cream as a bonus at the end.

When you’re choosing a photographer you have this same choice. You can choose from one of the many more inexpensive photographers out there that will book you in quickly, take cookie cutter images that they take for everyone, hand you a USB of your images, and send you on your way.

Or you can choose a photographer that specializes in only boudoir, who has dedicated years of time and money to learn the art of perfect lighting and posing to flatter every single body. A person who takes great care in getting to know exactly what it is you need so they can serve you in a custom way and leave you feeling incredibly fulfilled and elated. A person who has sought out the very best lab, full of professionals that care about your art as much as they do.  A person who has chosen the highest quality products to showcase your art in the way it deserves. They do this so you don’t have to guess or try to figure out how or where to print them yourself or wonder about who is handling your images, if they are properly trained, or even care about your art.

CNY boudoir, moody boudoir

If you are ready to say yes to an experience created just for you that you will remember for the rest of your life, that your 80 year old self will be so grateful that you did, and that is completely different from everyone boudoir, shoot me a message and we can plan it out.

If you want to see more of my art and get a little self-love action too join my ladies only facebook group where I post daily gorgeous images!



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