The Gift of Boudior

March 12, 2018

When to give boudoir as a gift

Hey girl! So, You’ve got someone amazing in your life that you really want to gift some boudoir images to. Maybe they are just so hard to shop for and this is something that you know they would like. Maybe they have been hinting at it for a long time. Maybe you have a friend who has done it and they told you “I wish you would do something like that…”

Here’s the thing, boudoir make a freaking great gift… but only when you are doing it for yourself FIRST.

I know what you’re thinking.. how is it a gift for them… if I am doing it for me…

Hear me out girl, I’ve been doing this for a while and I’ve noticed something. In order to get the best images, images that you absolutely LOVE and can’t stop staring at you have to want for you first. A boudoir experience is not just putting on something pretty and having your photo taken. Boudoir is a transformative process. It’s a process that can’t happen unless your are ready and craving for it to happen.

The process begins when you first submit an inquiry to me. Taking that first step for yourself is huge and terrifying. You’ve written down what you want, you’ve put it out into the universe and made it real.

The process continues when we talk on the phone and I listen to your story. We dig into who you are, what your needs are, how you have gotten to where you are… One of my questions that I always start with is Why boudoir, why now?

When we are in the planning stages you have to be excited to do this. If you’re doing it only for someone else you’re going to be more nervous, you’re going to be thinking more about what they want instead of what you NEED.

During the session you mind needs to be thinking about yourself, you need to be selfish here. You’ve got to be ready to give yourself over to the process, the posing, the breathing. Of course you will be nervous, I’d think you were crazy if you weren’t just a little bit nervous. When you submit to the process and open up your confidence will begin to shine through, your layers fall away and we are left with images the are simply YOU. Images that show who you are, the way the world see’s you.

When you want the session FOR someone else, most of this doesn’t happen. Your heart isn’t in it, your mind is on someone else, and the release never happens. I can hear it right from that initial phone call, I can tell the girls that want it for themselves first. They stand out like neon signs to me when they are ready to see themselves through new eyes. Their sessions are different, the mood of the room is different, their ordering appointments show SO MUCH less uncertainty when they are deciding for themselves above anyone else. When they hand over that album as a gift they hand it over with pride, strength, and confidence, they KNOW, without a doubt that they have changed, that they are amazing, that they can do hard things.

The gift is not just the products, the gift is the way these ladies carry themselves after their session are over. I have had husbands message me days and weeks later saying the album was gorgeous and I loved it but I really want to say thank you for showing my wife what she looks like to everyone else. I tell her everyday how gorgeous she is to me, but now SHE finally sees it for herself . 

If boudoir is not something you want for you find something else to gift. If you’re not doing it for you, you’re going to feel awkward and uncomfortable. You’re going to have a harder time making decision for wardrobe and products. You have to be excited for yourself first.

If you want to get the very most that you can out of your boudoir session, if you want to give the best gift possible, start by giving this gift to yourself. Show yourself that your are worthy, valuable, & important, I will help you I promise! Do it for you, start to finish… and after you get that product hang on to it for a little bit, and then gift it to someone special. I promise it will mean a million times more because of all the work and love you put into it for yourself!

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