“Do you Photoshop?”

March 19, 2018

Do you Photoshop?

This is a question that I get a lot. I want to tell you first that if this is something that crosses your mind when you think about hiring a boudoir photographer that you are completely normal. So many women ask me this and I do not want you to feel shame and or bad for asking.

Women come in and say can you get rid of all my cellulite? I hate these wrinkles that I am getting, they make me feel so old. Can you remove all of my chins? It is perfectly normal to want to look your very best, to miss your pre-baby body, to want to look perfect. You are not weird and you are not crazy…

But I am not going to photoshop you away. My goal is to show you how amazing you are, to take away that pain, & to accentuate all of your beautiful characteristics and features. I won’t do that by erasing everything that makes you YOU.

Those wrinkles and fine lines tell a story about all of the times you have laughed and smiled your real smile. Those stretch marks show that your body has created miracles and loved beyond measure. Those scars show that you have endured and prevailed! I will not buff out those memories.

One of the questions I will ask you in your questionnaire is “How do you want to feel when you look at your images.” Almost 100% of the time the answer I receive is “I want to feel beautiful for once.” So many of my clients are worried that they will be the one person who I can’t make look gorgeous like the girls they see on my page.

Boudoir is part of a journey that we all want; to love ourselves. We want to look in the mirror and feel proud and strong. We want to be unphased by the number on our clothes. We want to OWN every single bump and line. This journey is completely dependent on you… the hair and makeup, the outfits, the spray tan and the nails… that isn’t what makes your images stand out and be everything you have ever wanted them to be. Your ability to be vulnerable, to face your fears and say them out loud, too reflect on the battles you have fought and the mountains you have climbed, to see all the areas where you have made progress and triumphed… That is what is going to stand out in your images and make them everything you need them to be.

Your beauty is made up of your true character when you think no one is looking, the tender arms that you hold your loved ones with, the way you treat strangers even on your worst days, and your ability to find strength in every day with all that weighs on you. You can choose to find the beauty and light in the things that REALLY matter, or you can choose to ignore it. That decision is all yours to make and it will make all the difference.

Every single day you have a choice; love or hate.  You can choose to look in the mirror and pick yourself apart or you can look in the mirror and point out every single thing that makes you strong, unique, and valuable. These are things that photoshop can’t touch.

What I will do for you is help to guide you through a process that will leave you feeling amazing and transformed. I will help you choose wardrobe options that make you feel comfortable and confident. I will give you a hair & makeup experience that lets you feel like a pampered goddess. I will listen to your fears and your concerns and tell you exactly what I do that alleviates them. I will be right there through the whole process, right by your side. I’ll be posing you down to your finger tips so you never have to feel lost. I will pose you in the absolutely most flattering ways to show off what a beautiful woman you are. I will photograph you so that you can see yourself in ways that the mirror just cannot show you.

So, the answer is no, I don’t photoshop, I just give you a space to be yourself and go on a journey.


Crystal Beckwith

is a free-spirited photographer based out of Vernon, NY specializing in Boudoir. She believes in the power of coffee, self-love, getting outside of your comfort zone.
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