A Bubbly Beauty

March 9, 2018

Dear B,

There is so much I could say about what an incredible and strong woman you are. I know that if you could choose to not have to be as strong as you have been forced to be you would change it in a second. I’ve known you a LONG time, and I wasn’t sure how your session was going to go when you walked into my studio, I only knew I wanted to be whatever I could be for you. You were excited from the day you booked your session, the energy you showed during the whole shoot got me even more excited as the day went on. I loved your energy, I loved your excitement, and I LOVED your session. I can’t wait for your nest one.

About this CNY Studio Boudoir session

I have known this woman a long time. I know her spirit, I know her energy, I know her love. When she contacted me I knew this was going to be an epic session. Her goal of this session was a Valentine’s day gift, but my goal for the session was to give her some time for HERSELF. She needed and deserved every minute of it and she was absolutely ready for this.
She grew up on stage, being the center of attention, opening herself up and putting it all out there was nothing new for her. The moment she walked in my door she was buzzing with excitement. Erin nailed her makeup, her outfits were so freaking perfect for her and her personality, and I didn’t have to do a thing and she rocked the whole shoot.
I couldn’t tell her at the time what this session meant for me but I hope that she knows how much my heart is with her. She is one client that I know will be back to treat herself again and again and I so look forward to it.


Crystal Beckwith

is a free-spirited photographer based out of Vernon, NY specializing in Boudoir. She believes in the power of coffee, self-love, getting outside of your comfort zone.
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