A Fresh Start

December 13, 2017

Boudoir photography.

In 2014 I decided to take my love for photography seriously and do something with it. The first time I really SAW boudoir photography was in 2015. At first I said no, no, no… I couldn’t do that. It’s so personal, I’m so awkward.

But, I followed the pages and photographers more and more… my interest peaked. These women looked so free and so confident.

The first time.

In 2016 I photographed my very first boudoir session with a gorgeous mother of two who wanted to give her husband an amazing anniversary present. I was HOOKED, I fell in love with boudoir. We had so much fun, we laughed, we broke a light, and I knew I wanted to do THIS.

I also knew that I wanted to give my boudoir clients the most exceptional experience possible. From the first contact phone call, to incredible hair and makeup, a killer studio wardrobe selection, an easy and fun shoot, and ending with the most amazing prints and products in the business.

No worries.

My goal is to make it as easy as possible and make sure that my clients don’t worry about a single thing. My clients don’t worry about how to make their hair and makeup look nice, or what to wear, or how to pose, how long it will take, where to get an album made, or how big of a print will fit in their closet. They KNOW I have them covered. They KNOW I will be honest with them and answer every single question they have, and easy all of their fears.

Fast forward.

Today, I have my studio space and I have found my photography style, I just needed to show the world.
So, I held a model call and found two incredible women willing to go on a journey with me to loving themselves and showing the world their beauty.
I fell in love with boudoir all over again. I find a little piece of myself in each of these women.

Now I am pushing my business and myself even more. I have reignited a fire. I am anxious to meet more amazing ladies, to hear about their journey and their “why’s”, I’m anxious to help them see themselves in a new light and fall in love with themselves.


Crystal Beckwith

is a free-spirited photographer based out of Vernon NY specializing in Boudoir. She believes in the power of coffee, self-love, getting outside of your comfort zone.
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